True Stories: How Hiring an ID Helped These Homeowners

fuseconcept Jul 17, 2018

First renovation or not, most homeowners will probably need a hand with renovating their dwelling because of the sheer amount of work involved. And their best bet of getting things done? Hiring an interior designer.

Interior Designer: Chapter One Interior Design

Armed with a keen sense for all-things renovation, these professionals are capable of refreshing tired-looking homes, planning spaces, managing project timelines, and more. But most importantly, they’re capable of taking care of an interior makeover, from start to end.

Not convinced? Then check out these real homeowner stories (and homes) that’ll show you the benefits of working with an interior designer.

1) You’ll get creative solutions to your needs

As avid readers, both Serene and Jonathan needed a comfortable home that could also store their extensive collection of books. However, their decision to work with Billy of Fuse Concept got them more than what they bargained for (in a good way).

Aside from reinventing their 152 sqm flat at Buangkok with a variety of recessed and sliding bookcases, Fuse Concept also gave the couple plenty of practical advice on choosing home fixtures, resulting in a serene space that blends form and function.

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2) You get to bring your ideas to life

Having gotten plenty of inspiration from designs that she encountered on Pinterest, the next step in Germaine’s plan to bring her MUJI-style home to life was to enlist the help of a capable interior designer.

Enter Nizan of Chapter One Interior Design who realised Germaine’s plans for her new home, by creating a refreshing interior that features simple, contemporary touches and an easy-going atmosphere.

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3) You get to work with a subject matter expert

Going into their first renovation, Daniel and Jillian had a good idea of how their future home at Rivieria Drive was going to look like, but not what they needed to do to achieve it.

That was until the couple met up (and worked) with Wein Goh of Poetus who “was able to advise on all technical aspects”, from lighting and how it affects the mood at home to how carpentry should be constructed for maximum strength. “It was an eye-opener,” says Daniel about the renovation.

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4) You can renovate even while overseas

Bringing together the energising greenery of the tropics and luxe details, Howard and Sabrina’s home at East Coast Road is the picture of the perfect coastal holiday home for two.

But all this wouldn’t have been possible without the help of designer Dennis Cheok and UPSTAIRS_ who handled the renovation of this elegant apartment on the behalf of its owners who live overseas.

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5) You’ll have someone to fall back on during emergencies

Intended to reflect the heritage of its owners, Aravindan and Yoko’s eclectic home at Yishun Park Grove was conceptualised from the ground up as an abode that combines traditional design elements from both Sri Lankan as well as Japanese homes.

And while this was to be expected of the couple who share a deep love for each other’s culture, an unexpected illness put a dampener on both their mood and renovation.

Fortunately, their designer, Martin from Schemacraft was able to take the helm of the renovation, delivering a home that closely matches Aravindan and Yoko’s plans.


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6) You’ll get an extra pair of helping hands, pre- and post-renovation

Just like the easy-going atmosphere of their Scandinavian-inspired home, Li Hua and Andrew’s renovation experience was a complete breeze, thanks to the help of interior designers Kacey and Jessica of U & Me Interior.

Aside from ensuring a smooth renovation throughout, both designers also went out of their way to assist with pre- and post-renovation tasks by helping out with defects checking as well as putting up various shelves and paintings once the house was ready.

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7) You get to be hands-off for your renovation

For couple Bryan and Charlotte, the most important part of their renovation wasn’t coming up with the concept of their new home at Toa Payoh, it was finding someone whom they could trust to run the entire show.

Habit really delivered in this aspect,” says Charlotte who had her hands full with work and planning for her wedding (without Bryan, who was on an overseas assignment) even before the renovation started.

“Unless I felt like ‘kay-poh’-ing, there was no need for me to come down (to the site) at all,” she recalls about the whole process.

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