Step Into Cherriann Wong’s Edgy-Chic Abode

fuseconcept Dec 11, 2017

If homes are reflections of their owners, Cherriann Wong’s (@cherriwong) classy 2-plus-1 bedroom condominium apartment is a true expression of her personal aesthetic as well as that of her husband’s


“Maurice likes darker colours, while I prefer the natural look of woody surfaces. And that was how we decided on the (apartment’s) colour scheme,” says Cherriann. Along with chic rose gold accents, these distinct but complementary elements were essential to the creation of a contemporary home that truly belongs to the couple.

Here, we share Cherriann’s thoughts about the entire process of making over her new home as well as her experience of working with JD Tan from Fuse Concept.

Qanvast: Your home doesn’t just look good, it’s also well-thought-out. Could you tell us about how it is designed to suit your needs?

Cherriann (C): My husband and I both work from home, so we made sure that the living areas are conducive for business and leisure. For example, we bought a large sofa and beanbags that would allow us to lounge about in the living room after we are done for the day. We also avoided getting carpets and other fabric items as they tend to trap dust, which makes cleaning harder.


Qanvast: Tell us more about your experience of working with JD from Fuse Concept. How did he guide you along the way?

C: As first-time owners, Maurice and I were quite lost when it came to outfitting and designing our new home, but JD certainly helped us piece together the entire puzzle. Not only did he help us figure out the renovation costs, JD also accompanied us when we went furniture shopping. Basically, working with him was a great experience as it is always great to have someone to bounce ideas off and get sound advice from.

Qanvast: Can you point out some of the new additions to your home?

C: We had plenty of new carpentry constructed in the master bedroom, study and walk-in wardrobe. In the living room, we tore down part of the rear wall separating it from the study, and installed a see-through glass pane to create an expanded view of the skyline.There’s also the new TV feature wall and cement screed wall that runs all the way to the entrance. Lastly, we had the study’s bay window seat extended outwards so that it can double as an additional storage compartment and as a sleeping space for guests.

Qanvast: Did you have any renovation plans that were subsequently shelved?

C: Yes, I did have some plans that were changed. I initially requested for a longer TV feature wall with cabinets to be constructed because the extra storage would come in useful once Maurice and I have kids. However, JD advised against doing so because the additional compartments would result in a tighter walkway. We had plans to construct a platform to segregate the living room and dining area too, but JD also wisely pointed out that it would cause both areas to look even smaller than they are now.


Qanvast: From which store(s) did you get your furniture?

C: One of the stores that Maurice and I visited was recommended by JD. It’s called King Living and that was where we got our leather sofa from. Right from the get-go, we were certain that we wanted an L-shaped seat that is modular and comfortable, and this sofa was definitely the right one. Maurice fell in love with at first sight as he went against his usual practice of shopping around before making a purchase!

Qanvast: Do you have any future décor updates and/or home improvements planned?
C: For now, we intend to get a study table and a proper bed for the guest room. We’ll probably install privacy blinds too as the plan is to convert the space into a children’s bedroom eventually.

Qanvast: If you had to describe your home in three words, what would they be?
C: I would sum it up in 3Cs: Cosy, Contemporary and Comfortable!


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