What should be your first step when planning a home interior design? To begin with, you can search for relevant information to identify the scope of your interior design project. Aside from this, you will definitely have to look for various home design styles to utilise for your home design or makeover. It is critical to grasp the differences between popular home interior design trends while designing a house so that you can fine-tune your unique tastes and create the ideal space.

Singapore has a wide range of home interior designs that reflect its own distinct fusion of heritage, modernism, and creativity. However, with so many options and choices at your disposal, you may feel overwhelmed. The process of selecting specific interior design themes and styles can be even more challenging if you are unfamiliar with them. So, let us explore some of the most popular home design styles in Singapore to provide you with inspiration to choose one that best suits your taste and requirements. 

1. Traditional Interior Design

Traditional interior design is a timeless concept that will never go out of style due to its elegance and sophistication. If you love simplicity, this is an ideal and easy home design style for you. Traditional interiors feature a muted colour scheme and versatile decorative accents, including Persian rugs and sconce lights, with wooden furniture. The drapes and bedding often consist of luxurious fabrics such as velvet and brocade. You can create a welcoming and visually charming space by incorporating this interior design style into your home. 

2. Bohemian Interior Design

The fresh and creative Bohemian design style, also known as Boho design, introduces colours, patterns and positive vibes into any space. Similar to its name, which is used to describe nomads and adventurers, it is a free-spirited design style that incorporates décor elements from around the world. Along with vibrant colours, some design elements utilised in this concept are as follows. 

  • Patterned rugs
  • Art décor
  • Geometric wallpapers
  • Hardwood furniture
  • Beaded pendant lights

Bohemian is a maximalist home design style that blends diverse cultures and artistic expressions to adorn your space and reflect your personality creatively. 

3. Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian is a popular choice among Singapore homeowners due to its simplicity, functionality, craftsmanship and elegance. It is an interior design style that harmonises with nature, which emerged in the early twentieth century and evolved in the 1950s in the five Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. This home design style is defined by clean lines, light colours, and the development of a cosy environment. In order to properly implement the concept, you need to use minimalist and functional furniture with natural wood accents for warmth. You can also choose pendant lights, as well as table and floor lamps with clean and simple designs. Keep your home clutter-free and include art into your décor.

4. Art Deco Glamour

If you are looking for a touch of grandeur, the Art Deco Glamour home design style radiates luxurious sophistication. It employs vivid colours, including red, pink, yellow, and blue. Art Deco interior design style makes great use of luxury and expensive materials such as stainless steel and gold. Elements such as pendant lights and lavish crystal chandeliers also provide an air of elegance to the spaces.

5. Smart Living

We live in a world of rapid technological growth, which has become an essential component of our daily lives. As a result, the Smart Living trend has taken centre stage in Singaporean households. To adapt to the times and technology, you can incorporate automated blinds, smart lighting, and smart locks into your interior. Moreover, voice-activated assistants are being widely used to facilitate work. This home design style allows you to embrace technology while retaining an elegant and sleek appearance that complements the decor of your house.

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